Newmarket To Provide Mobile-Enabled Editions of Delphi

FEBRUARY 12, 2013 Newmarket® International, Inc. ("Newmarket"), the proven business solutions provider for empowering hospitality organizations to lower costs and increase revenue, while improving customer satisfaction and guest loyalty, today announced its plan to offer new mobile-enabled editions of its Delphi sales and catering solution.

Continuing to build on its global success, Newmarket is proud to announce the upcoming Spring 2013 release of its latest editions of the Delphi sales and catering solution, Delphi 2013 and Delphi+, each featuring the Newmarket mobile App, N2GO.


Delphi 2013, built on the existing Delphi 9.5.3 data structure, is designed for organizations that want to implement or update the latest version of Delphi and take advantage of new features related to mobile including N2GO and HotSOS for event service optimization. This release will also provide support for SQL 2012 and Windows Server 2012. Delphi 2013 provides existing users with the same workflows and reporting platform they are familiar with to minimize the learning curve.


Delphi+, based on the existing Delphi 9.6 data structure, provides significantly enhanced catering functionality, new workflows, and advanced reporting to improve employee productivity. Delphi+ is recommended for either existing Delphi customers or new customers with advanced sales, catering, and event automation requirements who are looking to take advantage of the industry’s leading functionality. This includes capabilities such as: edited event order output utilizing MS-Word, simplified multi-event creation and editing, cost control for menus/items, enhanced availability screens, improved workflows for creating and managing event orders, advanced revision tracking and distribution workflows, and updated diagrams integration.


N2GO enables sales professionals to utilize a mobile device to access Delphi functionality, such as account and contact lookup, activity creation, space check, and reservations – all while on the move.  Newmarket is including N2GO as a standard feature in both the Delphi 2013 and Delphi+ editions.


“These solutions provide new and exciting capabilities that our customers have requested,” states Jeff Hiscox, President and CEO for Newmarket. “These new editions of Delphi will enable sales and catering professionals to stay current and be more productive, while improving day-to-day operations for hospitality organizations.”





About Newmarket International, Inc.

Since 1985, Newmarket® International, Inc. (“Newmarket”) continues to deliver proven business solutions for empowering hospitality organizations to lower costs and increase revenue, while improving customer satisfaction and guest loyalty. With more than 30,000 installations worldwide, Newmarket technologies are a cornerstone in the global hospitality industry. Offering solutions for sales & marketing automation, customer relationship management, catering & events, guest loyalty, market intelligence, workflow management, and property maintenance, Newmarket enables hospitality professionals to work smarter and better manage all aspects of their transient, leisure, groups and meetings business. For more information on Newmarket, please visit


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